630finali have returned! ((^~^)) after my unexpected hiatus, i cannot express my thanks to each and every one of you for understanding that sometimes real life will take us away at times. ❤ i will never forget your generosity and i am honored to continue to blog for everyone! i missed you all so much! now let’s get back to playing dress-up! i have so many events to tell you about today! i am sure everyone knows about The Arcade! i saw this hair by Exile, and got a rare on my first try….i have been so lucky in gachas lately! The Fantasy Room is open now for all your fantasy needs at low prices! this crown by [Teri]otrope is just a taste of what’s being offered! for all you roleplayers, check out We Love Role-Play where *May’s Soul* has a sick Goblin Set of armor accessories! there are 52 total designers at this event! my shield is also from *May’s Soul*….her work is so intricate and beautiful! the last event i have to talk about is Oneword…..it’s finally here and the one word theme for this month is Tragedy so every designer has created items based off of this word and .::Wimey:: made this beautiful dress that comes in 7 colors to choose from! my eyes were one of the MANY freebies at Aire’s Field of Freebies‘s….definitely go check it out for loads of free eyes and a few other free things!




  • Bloodlust~Killsonik 

~the fantasy room~

622original*waves* ((^~^)) i would like to formally welcome the upcoming new event The Fantasy Room to my list of sponsors! coming from the founders of The Gorean Room, it will cater to a larger audience and will be open on the 5th-25th of every month with a new round of 25 designers each month. there will be gachas to play & sales on all brand new items with nothing over L$70!!! today i have for you just a taste…..when i saw what Arcana Antiques & Oddities has made for it, my jaw dropped! there will be a gacha set up honoring The Elder Scrolls and The Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit! personally, i am the BIGGEST fan of both….but even if you aren’t, these are some truly beautifully designed pieces that you can both display and wear. also, on sale will be this sword throne inspired by Game of Thrones….something i haven’t watched yet, so my RL hubby let me know lol! even though i didn’t know where it was from, i took one look at it and was overwhelmed by the detail…it looks amazing as do the helmets and i just want to say that no matter how hard i tried, i don’t think i captured this….so go check them out inworld when The Fantasy Room officially opens on February 5th! until then, i have included the official gacha key & an ad for the place i am standing in called The Flying Hall by 22769 ~ [bauwerk] at The Fantasy Collective, which is open right now! also keep in mind, there are 4 other versions of this building so you can choose the design you like best, connect them to make a larger structure, and/or build a flying city in the sky! (note: i didn’t know the last helmet on the right for the top picture was not showing the display stand correctly! trust me, it is there…my computer just decided to crap out for a second apparently! my apologies)



prop & poses~

home & decor~

  • 22769 ~ [bauwerk]-The Flying Hall-2 bridges corner (exclusive The Fantasy Collective….tysm paco & manu!)
  • StoraxTree-Morocco Dragon Bones Display-A (tysm kate!)
  • Arcana Antiques & Oddities-Helmet Collection-Daedric, Dragonbone, Ebony, Elven, Falmer, Imperial Heavy, Imperial Light, Imperial Medium, Iron, Nordic, Orcish, Steel, Uruk Hai Berserker RARE, Uruk Hai General RARE, & Uruk Hai Swordsman RARE (gacha prizes coming soon @ The Fantasy Room….includes display & wearable versions….tysm morgana!)





22769 ~ [bauwerk] The Flying Hall [two Bridges _ corner] [ad]music~

  • Dragonborn Comes (Electromagnetic Blaze Remix)~Dionne Lightwood & Danny Darko