676p2heya! ((^~^)) this outfit just fell into place quite nicely for me….most of it being old and new pieces from *May’s Soul*! my horns are from [geek.] at this round of Serafilms…with the Labyrinth theme, i love them so much! this luxurious hair is from Little Bones. and is aptly named Lux! you can find it and 3 other brand new styles at The Dark Style Fair which lasts until June 7th!


props & pose~

  • ::AXIX::-Legendary Warrior-4 (gacha prize…includes axes & pose….tysm elise!)

~looks like you know nothing~

647finalmwah! ((^~^)) more lovely things from The Fantasy RoomThe Secret Affair, and the Love & War Fair! i had way too much fun in this outfit…i hope you love it all as much as i do and i hope you find something you likey…i know it isn’t my usual but at this point, what is? i draw inspiration from everywhere it seems and therefore i come across as a bit eclectic probably lol ((>.<)) oh! and i can’t stop listening to this song lately haha


pose & props~

  1. *May’s Soul*-Playing With Dragons-dragon-white (exclusive @ The Secret Affair….tysm may!)
  2. ::AXIX::-Legendary Warrior-2 (gacha prize…includes shield, sword & pose….tysm elise!)