~rising sun~

828p3konnichiwa! ((^~^)) sushi time!




  • 8f8-Rising Sun Delicates-Taro with Kuro Goma (gacha prize)
  • 8f8-Rising Sun Delicates-Yaki Hotate Miso-Shiru (gacha prize)
  • 8f8-Rising Sun Delicates-Umeboshi Onigiri (gacha prize)
  • 8f8-Rising Sun Delicates-Oshi Zushi (gacha prize)
  • 8f8-Rising Sun Delicates-Philly Maki (gacha prize)
  • 8f8-Rising Sun Delicates-Daikon-Gari-Wasabi (gacha prize)
  • 8f8-Rising Sun Delicates-Shoyu-Togarashi (gacha prize)
  • 8f8-Rising Sun Delicates-Ringo Stars (gacha prize)


~kōkōsei gyaru~

681finalyesohayou gozaimasu! ((^~^)) this is my first attempt at kōkōsei gyaru style! you can get this whole japanese schoolgirl outfit from The Sugar Garden in 8 colors! but there is more! when i say 8 colors, i mean the cardigan itself…..because the rest of the outfit is customizable with a HUD including the skirt, shirt, scarf, and buttons! wowie! ❤ it comes in multiple sizes plus it even fit the WowMeh Mesh Body…yay! to go with my new kawaii uniform i knew i needed a kawaii bag! The Chapter Four just opened today for a new round and *Tentacio* made cute Ice Cream Bags in 7 colors that are on sale! also from *Tentacio* are my delicious looking treats that you can win at The Arcade! and of course, +Half-Deer+ is at The Arcade as well with their own gacha machine called Summer Delights….a collection of super adorable summer-themed accessories and eyes! so i plopped the Greedopus on my head, an octopus holding ice cream cones haha! you can even change the color of the octopus to three different colors including Purple, Sunshine, or Peachy!