~farmer’s daughter~

724p2konnichiwa! ((^~^)) for this look, i was totally inspired by The Sugar Garden‘s brand new line of Kawaii Katanas….they really went over the top for these! they come in 10 colors and include a HUD to add blood spatterings on the blade…..each one also comes with a matching sheath and animations to fight, draw, and sheath the katana! i heard about an event called the Okinawa Summer Festival 2014 so i decided to check it out! it’s a fun event and i won this perfect kimono outfit as a gacha prize from /// offbeat ///‘s booth!

now, you may have heard that one of my most favorite sims to take pictures at has closed down recently….the beloved Annwn Willows! 😦 to fill the emptiness in my heart, i have been searching the grid for some new pretty places…..and here is what i found! it’s called Starfall’s Twilight’s Edge Summer Retreat and i will definitely be adding it to my list of Beautiful Sims! it’s kind of small and simplistic like Annwn Willows and i like that a lot! i hope you enjoy as well ❤



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