~kōkōsei gyaru~

681finalyesohayou gozaimasu! ((^~^)) this is my first attempt at kōkōsei gyaru style! you can get this whole japanese schoolgirl outfit from The Sugar Garden in 8 colors! but there is more! when i say 8 colors, i mean the cardigan itself…..because the rest of the outfit is customizable with a HUD including the skirt, shirt, scarf, and buttons! wowie! ❤ it comes in multiple sizes plus it even fit the WowMeh Mesh Body…yay! to go with my new kawaii uniform i knew i needed a kawaii bag! The Chapter Four just opened today for a new round and *Tentacio* made cute Ice Cream Bags in 7 colors that are on sale! also from *Tentacio* are my delicious looking treats that you can win at The Arcade! and of course, +Half-Deer+ is at The Arcade as well with their own gacha machine called Summer Delights….a collection of super adorable summer-themed accessories and eyes! so i plopped the Greedopus on my head, an octopus holding ice cream cones haha! you can even change the color of the octopus to three different colors including Purple, Sunshine, or Peachy!





~a geek’s tragedy~

635final1heya! ((^~^)) i just love [geek.]‘s new creation for Oneword! the theme is “tragedy” and what could be more of a tragedy than a broken controller to a gamer!?!?!?! *giggles* my outfit is a mix of *Epic* items from all over the grid including Whore Couture Fair 3The Big Show, and Luck Of The Irish Gacha Fair!

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541p4heyoooo ((^~^)) a great event just started and it’s called the Rockabilly Fashion Fair and Blah. made these cute nerdy glasses in a wide variety of colors! also, another Grenade Free Weekend sale for you from *Epic*…cute camo mini dresses in 3 colors with all the appliers you will need! my pic doesn’t really do this dress justice so be sure to check it out in-world to see the sexy surprise in the back! 😉



music video~

  • Superficial~Heidi Montag  

~nrrrd grrrl~



greetings! ((^~^)) i am very pleased to announce a new sponsor for my blogs…..Baubles! by Phe & today i am featuring these bracelets called Strapped…i love these!!! oh and i know i haven’t gotten a chance to do many hunts lately but *RoTten DeFiAnCe* & //elephante poses// are both in a new one called the Sexy Nerd Hunt where each gift is only L$5….and it’s all about us nerdy people! i am a huge fan of Star Wars of course….i remember first watching them on my dad’s LaserDisc …YES!….LOL!



  • Juxtapose-Motivation Pose Set-2 (tysm rain!)





hiya! ((^~^)) i finally found the perfect outfit for my new roller skates! ((^~^))



sim location~




  • Top~* .:: deeR ::. *-MESH boatneck sweater-Funny Vector #1 (free from Lucky Letters…cost to join group)
  • Bottoms~*MUKA*-Boyshorts-Black MESH (L$125…thank you muka.release!)
  • Glasses~Bird Next Door-Nerdz Glasses (L$5)
  • Skin~IT GIRLS-Wixson-Summer (L$990)
  • Eyes~~*By Snow*~-Ocean Blue Eyes (past Subscribers gift)
  • Hair~Exile-Silent Wings-Naturals-Chardonnay (L$250)
  • Shape~made by me (not for sale)


soooo i showed one way i wore this style top from iGlam & Fresh. in a recent post (you can check it out here if ya like: http://thewanderingfaun.blogspot.com/2012/05/sacchariferous-deer-girl.html )…. very girly! but i thought it would be neat to also show a sort of opposite to this…a more dressed-down way, perfect for chillin’!! XD & this is what i came up with…so cozy cute! pretty much something i’d wear in RL when i’m loungin’ about on a nice lazy day ((^~^))

  • Horns~Revenant (by renanekogami)-Aries-Horns (modified tint)
  • Pants~Le*Se-Sporty Bloggers pack-Sporty White (free group gift…check in past notices)
  • Skin & Teeth~Bang! Bang!-Dylan Tanned (free group gift)
  • Glasses~Mad Mesh-Mad Nerd Glasses v1.0-Plain-Black (L$9 for Fatpack)
  • Eyes~*By Snow*-Satyr Eyes-MESH Grey (L$15 instore)
  • Hair~Magika~Anywhere-HUD 01 (L$250)
  • Shape~made by me
  • Shoes~+9 products-Summer Crocodile Sandal-rainbow (free on Marketplace)
  • Bracelet~Sweet Leo/Needful Things-Luna Bangles (free VIP group gift)
  • Nails~*pulcino*-Girly French Nail-No.002-Yellow&Pink (L$1 Gacha prize)
  • Necklace~[KUE!]-leather necklace charm-cafe gamma coffee (past hunt gift)
  • Panties~:SEXY THINGS:-My naughty neon panties-white (free group gift)
Inspired By~
  • Top~ iGlam & Fresh. -MESH Like a Sir Cropped sweater (L$80 on Marketplace)


found a cute lil library to spend some quiet time ((^~^)) also, wanted to show the back of this shirt…fun!


all this new mesh technology is pulling me away from wearing my trademarked hooves lately, but i don’t mind cuz i love trying new things like these sandals/feetsies! but i’m sure i’ll be clopping around again in my posts soon lmao (wish there were more designers making mesh hooves…i only know of one so far, but am excited for the future & all the possibilities!)

~she’s a ryder~


  • Dress~*Epic*-Mesh Gamer Girl Dress-Black (exclusive VIP group gift)
  • Tattoo~:Wicked Tattoos:-Pride-Full Color (free)
  • Ears~Fauntasia-Fauny Ears (L$10)
  • Skin~::Modish:: Lory Skin Sunkiss M5 (old CSH gift)
  • Lipgloss~[VoiD]-Makeup Enhancement Fatpack-Gloss (L$25)
  • Eyes~Fauntasia-Fauny Peepers-Teal (L$20)
  • Hair~>TRUTH<-Rayne-Black & Whites-Night (L$250)
  • Horns~[ADN]-Fauntastic-Horns (free from MM Boards)
  • Shape~modified by me
  • Legs~*Epic*-Striped Knit Digi Warmers-Black/Grey
  • Eyelashes~NeA’s-Sculpted Lashes (L$5)


  • Eyes~Kaya Alalee’s Eyes-light blue bloodshot)
  • Hair~Alli&Ali Designs-Hardy Hair Moonlight (free promo until May 14, 2012)
  • Glasses & Shoes~[ADN]-Blood Destroyer-Aviator Glasses (free from MM Board)
  • Top~.::[ BuFu ]::.-Mesh T-shirt Realistic-Panther Bling (free group gift)
  • Pants~GooDVibeZ-Jeans Dark Blues (free gift from Menstuff)
  • Skin~G R A V I T Y-open gift-male (L$1 on Marketplace)

was super excited to see this mesh dress as the new group gift for the May at Epic….comes in multiple colors and none of them will ever be sold at the store, so join up! ((^~^))

made these a few days ago (before my new facelift lol) but still wanted to share ((^~^))

~playstation faun~

  • Top~Orsini-one strap tank fatpack-khaki (L$1)
  • Skin~::Modish::-BreatheUP Flamingo Pale (Womenstuff Hunt gift)
  • Shape~my own
  • Eyes~*By Snow*-Satyr Eyes-Mottled (L$15 instore)
  • Hair~.ploom.-Haley-Dipped 1 (L$200)
  • Eyelashes~NeA’s-Sculpted Lashes (L$5)
  • Skirt~::[annaA]::-Mini [mesh] Skirt (L$99)
  • Legs~*Epic*-Striped Knit Digi Warmers-Black/Grey
  • Tattoo~[HCG]-Tattoo joystick playstation (L$15 on Marketplace)
  • Horns~Rammer Ram Horn Collection-Black (L$10 on Marketplace by Alissa Firecaster)
  • Glasses~Bird Next Door-!Nerdz Glasses! (L$15)
  • Tail~!K&L!-Nyxxie-Tail
  • Panties~:SEXY THINGS: (formerly :STICKY FINGERS:)-My naughty neon panties-black 1 (free group gift instore)

when i saw this tattoo, it was love at first sight lmao ((^~^)) a must-have for the avid PS3 gamer & a great price too!

one with graphics jacked lol ((^~^)) peace, homie! ((^~^))

so i have to say how much i love this mesh miniskirt! i scoured SL last night for a mesh mini with a good price, and this is what i came up with! it includes a color-changing HUD so you can change it to whatever color you want at any time ((^~^)) it did not include an alpha layer because one isn’t really needed with this item, but i used one from a demo of another skirt anyways ((^~^))