~sweet maid~

755finalheyooo! ((^~^)) i am excited to formally announce my newest sponsor, Melon Bunny! i blogged one of their past Lucky Board prizes a while ago and while i was at their store, i was mesmerized by all the beautiful things so i am beyond happy to be a part of their team and bring you all some amazing looks! today i am featuring one of their latest creations, the Sweet Maid Dress! it comes in 8 colors to choose from and is fitted mesh! while i was putting it on for the first time, i noticed that the white petticoat underneath the dress is separate so you can choose to wear it or not….or even use it as a skirt! cute! also, if you own a Kemono body, there is a version of this dress that will fit that too! i don’t own one yet but i am seriously thinking about getting one myself now that i have seen all the cute things Melon Bunny has made for it!


  • Dress~Melon Bunny-Sweet Maid Dress-Pink (tysm cakesbunny!)
  • Socks~The Sugar Garden-Prissy Ruffle Socks-Sheer White (tysm eilfie!)
  • Shoes~The Sugar Garden-Ruffle Platforms-White-Solid (made for SLink Flat Feet…tysm eilfie!)
  • Bow~Magika-Headband (free subscriber gift)
  • Hair~!lamb.-Adore-Grayscale Pack-Ink
  • Hair Buns~>TRUTH<-Maisy-Buns-Variety
  • Eyes~The Sugar Garden-Summer Eyes-Deep Blue (tysm eilfie!)
  • Skin~The Sugar Garden-Kotoko-Vampy (tysm eilfie!)
  • Shape~made by me (not for sale)
  • Body~WowMeh-Silhouette v1.0-InSize (temporarily unavailable)
  • Mouth~.Loud Mouth.-Alli-Closed
  • Hands~SLink-Mesh Rigged Hands-Casual


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