801final2hi! ((^~^)) i have lots to show you today, starting with this gacha outfit i have been wanting for a long time! the end of the month is drawing near, so that means a lot of events are just about over! the Body Modification Expo 2014 is one of them and that’s where you can find this pretty hair from Little Bones.!


sim location~

~kawaii anthro~

719p7heyo! ((^~^)) going on right now is the first round ever of The Dreamers Factory and that is where +Half-Deer+ has released their latest line of antlers and even some matching ears to go with them! they’re called Starry Twilight Antlers & Ears and they come in 4 colors and the antlers have stars on them that you can change the color of….choose from pink, gold, and silver! my ouftfit by {PopTart} is a gacha prize from this past Manga Fair! and finally, Nomi has released this adorable choker necklace which includes a HUD to change the color of the lace, band, and heart pendant! gotta love versatility!


  • Antlers~+Half-Deer+-Starry Twilight Antlers-Rosy/Silver Stars (exclusive @ The Dreamers Factory….tysm halogen!)
  • Ears~+Half-Deer+-Starry Twilight Ears-Rosy (exclusiveThe Dreamers Factory….tysm halogen!)
  • Outfit~{PopTart}-Pritty Lingerie-Bubbles (includes Azz & Tango appliers….gacha prize….tysm poptarrt!)
  • Necklace~Nomi-Sweet Heart Necklace (includes color-changing HUD….tysm m8229mn!)
  • Hair~=DeLa*=-Candice-Blacks and Whites
  • Eyes~The Sugar Garden-Summer Eyes-Silver-Shine (tysm eilfie!)
  • Face Paint~Chus!-Anthro Lenses + Anthro Ups-Baby (cheapie…..L$35)
  • Lipstick~The Sugar Garden-Chu Lips-Sakura (tysm eilfie!)
  • Skin & Skin Appliers~The Sugar Garden-Eun-Seo-Vampy (tysm eilfie!)
  • Shape~made by me (not for sale)
  • Breasts~Lolas-Tango-Mesh Breasts
  • Legs~Luck Inc.-Phat Azz (unavailable)
  • Mouth~.Loud Mouth.-Alli-Closed


~kawaii kokeshi~

704p2hihi! ((^~^)) *Epic*‘s new Kawaii Kokeshi Gear Doll line is adorable! you can find the dress in 16 colors at Epic @ Manga Fair 2014 and you can win the matching lunchboxes and backpacks in 18 colors at Oh My Gacha! a music-themed shopping event called Rhapsody is also open and that is where you can find +Half-Deer+‘s new SLink shoes in 5 colors which include color-changing laces! you can also snag some wonderful poses from Juxtapose at this event!



  • *Epic*-Kawaii Kokeshi Gear Doll Lunch Boxes!-Rainbow Black RARE (gacha prize @ Oh My Gacha….tysm jade!)


  1. ** PoseWay **-Default Set (includes 14 poses…tysm astralia!)
  2. Juxtapose-Copacetic (includes 6 poses…exclusive @ Rhapsody…tysm rain!)

~space faery~

668finalheyooo! ((^~^)) i love all of *Epic*‘s new wings at Fantasy Faire 2014! this particular specimen is the Sparkle Chibi Wings and they come in regular and petite sizes! OH YEAH! and they really do sparkle! The Fantasy Room is open for a new round & Persefona has a wide variety of elegant butterfly accessories!




667finalyeshi! ((^~^)) Enchantment is here again with a new round and the theme this time is Sleeping Beauty! The Sugar Garden‘s exclusive is these horns in 3 colors to choose from and they all include a HUD to change the veil texture and color! The Sugar Garden‘s prize for the event is a very special limited edition skin called Heartless in Witch Tone and it includes all the appliers you could want….even for the new WowMeh Mesh Body! check out all the prizes you can choose from at Enchantment Prize Location. visit the Enchantment website for more detailed instructions on how to participate in this fun event! for my hair, i chose *Milk*‘s new Love Notes that is currently available at FaMESHed! and more big news is that Fantasy Faire 2014 is finally here and *Epic* is yet again participating with super cute faery clothes & accessories! i will be showing more of what *Epic* has to offer later so you can get a better look….or if you can’t wait, you can just check it out for yourself by visiting *Epic* @ Fantasy Faire 2014! a brand new round of Oneword is also open and the theme here is Vintage! //elephante poses// has 2 new pose sets so go check them out!



~no turning back~

657finalheyo! ((^~^)) i would like to formally welcome ** PoseWay ** to my team of wonderful sponsors and today i am featuring a pose from the set Fiera Liquidation that just happens to be in the discount section right now! for my outfit, i am wearing all *Epic*! grab this fun Monster Mouth Bodysuit available at Lubbly Jubblies in 15 colors and then run over to *Epic* @ The Comic Fashion Fair 2014 to get the new Tank Girlie Helmets in 2 versions including mousey & neko ears and a version of just the goggles without the helmet! another event worth checking out is Cosmetic Fair Spring Edition where The Sugar Garden has 2 new releases including the Mori Eyes and Sparkle Lips!



  • ** PoseWay **-Fiera Liquidation (on sale…includes 12 poses…tysm poseway!)



653fianlhiya! ((^~^)) The Season’s Story is open for spring and The Sugar Garden made these kawaii Bunny Bombers in 8 color combinations! to go with it, i decided to wear the unreleased Sketchy Skirt from alterego for the upcoming event, The Monochromatic Fair! i included with this post the ad for the Platinum HUD because it’s amazing…..it made it so easy to match the skirt to my Bunny Bomber! the event starts on April 18th, so keep an eye out!


alterego-sketchy-skirt [promolrg]