~a murder of crows~

758p6heya! ((^~^)) more from The Secret Affair here by *May’s Soul* and SOONSIKI! this beautiful gown from *May’s Soul* comes in 11 colors to choose from including 3 ombre, 3 satin, and 4 leather versions! to dress it up, you can play the matching gacha and win a bunch of fun things! my hair called Raven by SOONSIKI is just one of two styles you can find at the same place so don’t miss out as this round of The Secret Affair only runs until September 29th!




sim location~


~running to the sea~

596p6hey ((^~^)) here i am featuring *Epic*‘s new Bombastic Ruffled Sets gacha! i figured they can be worn together as either lingerie or swimwear or worn apart as part of an outfit….gotta love versatility! my shoes are from Blah. and they are made specifically for the new SLink high feet….so pretty!


  • Outfit~*Epic*-Bombastic Ruffled Sets!-Leo-Strawberry (gacha prize @ Stroker’s Sexpo…tysm jade!)
  • Shoes~Blah.-My Charming Pumps-Bubblegum (made for SLink High Feet….tysm hoshi!)
  • Hair~.ploom.-Stephie-Indecisive
  • Eyes~{S0NG}-Murky Eyes-Aqua (past gift)
  • Eyeshadow~The Sugar Garden-Doki Doki Eyeshadow-Pink Glitter RARE (gacha prize…tysm eilfie!)
  • Lipstick~The Sugar Garden-Angel Lipstick-Pink Ombre (includes teeth and closed mouth versions & Loud Mouth appliers….tysm eilfie!)
  • Skin~The Sugar Garden-Lumiere-Sophistication-B Tone (tysm eilfie!)
  • Body Oil~The Sugar Garden-Body Oil-Medium (tysm eilfie!)
  • Shape~made by me (not for sale)
  • Hands~SLink-Mesh Rigged Hands-Bag & Elegant1
  • Breasts~Lolas-Tango-Mesh Breasts
  • Legs~Luck Inc.-Phat Azz


  • Juxtapose-Holiday Gift 2013-It’s Almost Over (free Subscriber gift…includes 1 male pack & 1 female pack of poses)

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  • Running to the Sea~Royksopp ft. Susanne Sundfor (Seven Lions Remix) 

~sky surfing~

551p2heya ((^~^)) i have another fantastic event to tell you about today called The Water Lantern Festival….a bunch of designers got together to create items where the proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross to help out after the typhoon in the Philippines….THIS IS WHY I LOVE SECOND LIFE!!! +Half-Deer+ is participating with super cute Flowerhead Goldfish…ones you can wear, rez, and even a necklace version which is what i am featuring today! the azz show is still going on as well, which is where my sexy monokini from The Sugar Garden comes from….you can get it in 8 colors and it comes with all the appliers you could want! i also have free hair to show you from Analog Dog…it’s a bit hard to find but it is in a floating ball on the beach kinda far away from all the items for sale….hope this helps!



  1. Arsenal-Pose Set 2-10 (includes 7 poses…tysm bullet!)
  2. Le Poppycock-Bon Ton set-Double ententre (tysm julliette & olivia!)

sim location~


  • Sky Surfing~Toddla T (Benga Remix)