heya! ((^~^)) a new sim hunt just started at KaTnipZ Wonderland and today i wanted to show you some goodies that are in store for you! it’s called the Alice in Boobieland Hunt and the theme is Alice in Wonderland, of course, and most prizes include appliers for mesh breasts! oh and even if you don’t happen to own any boobies, you can still wear the items! happy hunting!



  • -no wow--the ultimate frontpose (free)

~curiouser & curiouser~



heya! ((^~^)) have you heard about the new Alice in Wonderland themed mall yet? KaTnipZ Wonderland just opened and it features daily and weekly sales, a sales room & upcoming sim hunts plus more events on the horizon! since it just opened, they are throwing a 50% Off Porch Sale until July 28th, so stop by and check out what all of the designers are offering! look what i found at the sale already….this cute outfit by Toxic High!


The White Rabbit~


  1. //elephante poses//~Ruby-#3 (includes 6 poses…tysm melissajeanne!)
  2. Juxtapose-Clumsy One Pose Set-2 (includes 5 poses…tysm rain!)


  • Tsukematsukeru~Kyary Pamyu Pamyu