816finalhi! ((^~^)) so much more from Cirque de Seraphim where they have almost made their goal of $2,500 to donate to the ASPCA! wooooo! and remember, please support human-only circuses in RL, like Cirque du Soleil! ❤


pose & prop~

~sky surfing~

551p2heya ((^~^)) i have another fantastic event to tell you about today called The Water Lantern Festival….a bunch of designers got together to create items where the proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross to help out after the typhoon in the Philippines….THIS IS WHY I LOVE SECOND LIFE!!! +Half-Deer+ is participating with super cute Flowerhead Goldfish…ones you can wear, rez, and even a necklace version which is what i am featuring today! the azz show is still going on as well, which is where my sexy monokini from The Sugar Garden comes from….you can get it in 8 colors and it comes with all the appliers you could want! i also have free hair to show you from Analog Dog…it’s a bit hard to find but it is in a floating ball on the beach kinda far away from all the items for sale….hope this helps!



  1. Arsenal-Pose Set 2-10 (includes 7 poses…tysm bullet!)
  2. Le Poppycock-Bon Ton set-Double ententre (tysm julliette & olivia!)

sim location~


  • Sky Surfing~Toddla T (Benga Remix) 

~together for sway~





  • Dress~U.one-Podrinha T-shirt Dress-1 (L$10)
  • Hair~.ploom.-Kinsley-Indecisive (on sale L$125)
  • Skin~::Modish::-Gia-Crema-CL teeth (free group gift)
  • Eyes~[ROLY-POLY]-GlassEyes00-charcoal (free)
  • Shape~made by me (not for sale)
“Sway Dench has been a fixture in Second Life for years. She creates some of the cutest furniture and decor, and is famous for her Cookie Bears. Recently, she learned that there is a benign tumour in her brain, and in 6 – 8 weeks, she will go into surgery to have it removed. While our dear Sway will make it through this, unfortunately her finances may not. She will be out of commission for nearly 6 months, and her inworld store is her only source of income.
Together for Sway was created to help this sweet woman deal with her time in need.
Various designers have banded together, and will set out their items (new or otherwise) all in the same venue. 100% of profits will go directly to Miss Dench.”

~fantasy faire faun~

Fantasy Faire 2012 has been extended for one more day & i am so happy! ((^~^))  i have been to each sim multiple times admiring the beauty, creativity & hard work put into them all! the BEST part? purchase an item & the proceeds are donated to Relay For Life! here, i am hanging out in Shadow’s Claw & Jungle Bungle ((^~^))

  • Skin~::Modish::-PlayMeNot Valentine Skin-PinnedUp PlayMeNot-blush (L$50 in discount room)
  • Outfit~*{ SeVered GarDeN}*-Rina (L$260)
  • Shape~modified by me
  • Eyes~goat eyes (L$18 on Marketplace)
  • Hair~Magika-Gift (free Subscriber gift)
  • Tattoo~!K&L!-Nyxxie-Dark Spots