~Candy Fair 2013~







heya! ((^~^)) i am so happy to announce i will be an official blogger for the upcoming Candy Fair which opens October 4th! check out my blogs in the next couple of days for some of my own sneak previews!

for more information about the event, visit the Candy Fair blog (http://candyfairsl.blogspot.com/) and join the Candy Fair Flickr group! (http://www.flickr.com/groups/2289311@N22/)


~skip turn step~



hi! ((^~^)) today i feel like a sweet lolita with this dress from [DandelionWine] which comes with a color-changing HUD! i thought that the rare Flowerchild unicorn set from +Half-Deer+ at The Arcade went lovely with it. also, the Funny Puppet Fair is still going on and there you can grab up some brand new poses from Le Poppycock with a marionette theme either individually or in a set.


  • Headgear~+Half-Deer+-Sweet Dreams Unicorn Set-Flowerchild-RARE (gacha prize @ The Arcade…tysm halogen!)
  • Dress~[DandelionWine]-Mesh Lola Dress (free subscriber gift)
  • Socks~*.amato.*-Osakana Socks-plain (free)
  • Shoes~[whatever]-CG Spikes-blush (free group gift…fee to join)
  • Hair~Magika-Forget-02
  • Eyes~Dead Apples-Sinistre Eyes-Pink Shades Edition-Mesh-Sinistre Blossom
  • Skin~The Sugar Garden-Baby in B tone
  • Shape~made by me (not for sale)



  1. ::AXIX::-momo-5 (tysm elise!)
  2. Le Poppycock-Marionette set B-Tangled tale (exclusive @ Funny Puppet Fair…tysm olivia & julliette!)


  • Kanon Wakeshima~Skip Turn Step 




heyo! ((^~^)) i am so excited! i mentioned in a previous post that my artwork/virtual photography is being featured at Juxtapose @ Pose Fair 2013 & in each picture i am using just a few of their wonderful poses that you can get right there at Pose Fair 2013! today i figured if anyone wanted the style information, i will list it all here as there are a few current good deals & even some freebies included. there are so many new pose and prop sets at Juxtapose @ Pose Fair 2013…i encourage everyone to check them out!


  • Top~R.icielli-GIA Mesh Top-Beige#Black (L$15 from R.icielli Easter Hunt)
  • Shorts~R.icielli-High Waist Cut Off Short Jeans (L$15 from R.icielli Easter Hunt)
  • Nails~*RoTten DeFiAnCe*-Nailed-Black Matte Manicure-Long Nails (free group gift…tysm rogue!)
  • Hair~=DeLa*=-Moelleux-Blacks & Whites-Black 1 (L$250)
  • Eyes~ZaYlang-Opal (store closed?)
  • Skin~Orsini-Giselle-medium with teeth (L$10)
  • Shape~made by me (not for sale)



  • Top~R.icielli-GIA Mesh Top-Black#Gold (L$15 from R.icielli Easter Hunt)
  • Shorts~R.icielli-High Waist Cut Off Short Jeans (L$15 from R.icielli Easter Hunt)
  • Left Bracelet~Velvet Whip-Bracelet Cuff Gold (past gift)
  • Right Bracelet~.::: unBorN :::. creations-Bear Bracelet (free)
  • Nails~[ S H O C K ] Factory-Glitters Storm Nails (free group gift)
  • Hair~=DeLa*=-Bridgit-Blacks & Whites-Black 1 (L$250)
  • Eyes~ZaYlang-Dream Eyes2 Black (store closed?)
  • Eyelashes~NIKITA-eye lashes-double density-updated (L$1)
  • Skin~~G O L A Industry~ DISCOUNT-Yuriko (discount L$65…tysm ransie2!)
  • Shape~made by me (not for sale)












hellooo again! so many exciting things going on that i made 2 posts today! ~G O L A Industry~ has released 10 brand new tummy tats for Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair & the event officially starts March 1st but i just got back & most machines are already set up & ready to go…there are so many!!! and you probably already know, but don’t forget about The Arcade gacha event opening on the same day where you can win these beautiful antlers from +Half-Deer+ …best of luck getting in as i am almost positive the sim will be full full full for a while! ((^~^))