~the afterparty~



hi!!! ((^~^)) so many fun fashion events going on right now as usual! i am officially addicted to The Box as you can probably tell & today i am wearing just two of the four colors of dresses available from .::Pure Poison::.! at Limited Bazaar for this round the theme is called “The Black” so MiWardrobe has created this gorgeous jewelry set that includes matching bracelets, necklace & a pair of earrings (not shown here), but you better hurry because as the name of the event implies, there are a limited number of each to be sold! the jewelry on my other avatar is a stunning unisex necklace from +Half-Deer+ & is available now at SL Fashion Week! i hope you have fun shopping & much <333 from me & me lol!

the redhead~

  • Dress~.::Pure Poison::.-Beige Greta Cocktail Dress (L$149 exclusive The Box…tysm shaleene!)
  • Necklace~+Half-Deer+-Antler and Ring Necklace-Obsidian (L$125 @ SL Fashion Week…tysm halogen!)
  • Hair~*booN-WMO003-brown/mat/chestnut-chestnut (L$280)
  • Eyes~[UMEBOSHI]-Daydream2 eyes-Bowns-MBrown (L$150 exclusive The Box…tysm keiba!)
  • Eyeshadow~::Modish::-Posh Eyeshadows-1 (L$120 exclusive The Box…tysm ele!)
  • Skin~the body co.-Summer-04 Medium-brown (L$1,000)
  • Shape~made by me (not for sale)

the blonde~


  1. Le Poppycock-Bon Ton Pose Set-Raison d’etre (L$30 per pose or L$120 for Fatpack…tysm olivia & julliette!)
  2. Juxtapose-Motivation Pose Set-1 (L$250 exclusive @ Juxtapose @ Pose Fair 2013…tysm rain!)




hiyo today i am showing off the new hunt giftie from +Half-Deer+ from the Junk Food Junkies Hunt which started February 14th & lasts until March 14th! the AO from ::AXIX:: was superb for modeling & contains 4 animated stands along with everything else from sitting to flying ((^~^))


  • Ring~+Half-Deer+-Whipped Cream Ring (L$1 from Junk Food Junkies Hunt ..thank you halogen!)
  • Nails & Ring~*CaNDy NaiL*-#P091 Love me do-Brown (free from Lucky Letters)
  • Dress~coldLogic-Anniversary Gift-pink/cocoa (free Subscriber gift)
  • Tattoo~+Half-Deer+-Antler Collarbone Tattoo (no longer available)
  • Hair~[elikatira]-Only-Essentials Collection-Blonde 02 (L$84…70% off retirement sale)
  • Eyes~*.amato.*-early spring-ume (L$1)
  • Eyeshadow~~ R3i ~-Valentine’s Day eyeshadow gift (free)
  • Eyelashes~Rosy Mood-corner only eyelashes (free)
  • Skin~The Sugar Garden-Baby in B tone (L$740)
  • Shape~made by me (not for sale)


  1. Label Motion-Hunt #9 (past hunt gift)
  2. ::AXIX::-AO Wicked ZHAO-II (L$800…thank you elise!)


~SVPAP Project Rescue~

i mentioned SVPAP project rescue in my previous post & wanted to talk a bit more about it even tho i’m not an official blogger for em or anything…i just want people to get as excited about it as i have because it’s for a good cause (and i just love animals so much!) SVPAP stands for Sociedad Valenciana Protectora de Animales y Plantas & it is an animal & plant protection agency which houses 500 homeless cats & dogs that are up for adoption. sadly, there have been some horrible budget cuts and it’s threatening the survival of this amazing organization! but we can help!! there is a room set up in SL from June 1st-22nd where a bunch of great designers put out items that you can buy—>and 100% of the proceeds go to this charity! also, some designers have put items up in there stores where 50% of the proceeds are donated. this outfit is so cute & only L$15 in the SVPAP project rescue room <—check it out!
so even if you are short on cash, you can feel good about helping out! more info in SL & at SVPAP’s website here—-> www.svpap.com
  • Skin~::Modish::-UrSake Bronze-Tasty (L$10 in discount room)
  • Eyes~*By Snow*-Satyr Eyes-MESH Green (L$15 instore)
  • Hair~Magika-Remember-Duo (L$250)
  • Shape~made by me
  • Shoes~*.:: deer ::.*-Mesh high heels platform-Multi-Colors (free group gift)
  • Necklace~Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery-The Mystic Owl (L$399)
  • Antlers~Antler Deer Fuan horn collection-Deer Antler Warm Brown (L$50)
Inspired By~
loungin’ with hubby ((^~^))
much ❤ ❤ ❤ & don’t forget to visit SVPAP project rescue room …even if you don’t find something you wanna buy, you can make a donation anyway! ((^~^))