soooo i showed one way i wore this style top from iGlam & Fresh. in a recent post (you can check it out here if ya like: http://thewanderingfaun.blogspot.com/2012/05/sacchariferous-deer-girl.html )…. very girly! but i thought it would be neat to also show a sort of opposite to this…a more dressed-down way, perfect for chillin’!! XD & this is what i came up with…so cozy cute! pretty much something i’d wear in RL when i’m loungin’ about on a nice lazy day ((^~^))

  • Horns~Revenant (by renanekogami)-Aries-Horns (modified tint)
  • Pants~Le*Se-Sporty Bloggers pack-Sporty White (free group gift…check in past notices)
  • Skin & Teeth~Bang! Bang!-Dylan Tanned (free group gift)
  • Glasses~Mad Mesh-Mad Nerd Glasses v1.0-Plain-Black (L$9 for Fatpack)
  • Eyes~*By Snow*-Satyr Eyes-MESH Grey (L$15 instore)
  • Hair~Magika~Anywhere-HUD 01 (L$250)
  • Shape~made by me
  • Shoes~+9 products-Summer Crocodile Sandal-rainbow (free on Marketplace)
  • Bracelet~Sweet Leo/Needful Things-Luna Bangles (free VIP group gift)
  • Nails~*pulcino*-Girly French Nail-No.002-Yellow&Pink (L$1 Gacha prize)
  • Necklace~[KUE!]-leather necklace charm-cafe gamma coffee (past hunt gift)
  • Panties~:SEXY THINGS:-My naughty neon panties-white (free group gift)
Inspired By~
  • Top~ iGlam & Fresh. -MESH Like a Sir Cropped sweater (L$80 on Marketplace)


found a cute lil library to spend some quiet time ((^~^)) also, wanted to show the back of this shirt…fun!


all this new mesh technology is pulling me away from wearing my trademarked hooves lately, but i don’t mind cuz i love trying new things like these sandals/feetsies! but i’m sure i’ll be clopping around again in my posts soon lmao (wish there were more designers making mesh hooves…i only know of one so far, but am excited for the future & all the possibilities!)