833finalheya! ((^~^)) everywhere i look, i see people getting ready for The Arcade‘s next round starting December 1st! i have to admit, i am pretty excited myself! i have a few previews for you before the event starts, including a couple from Tentacio‘s gacha machine, Choreographer! not shown here are violin cases, jackets, and a water bottle, so it’s a super cute set altogether! also, being that today is the end of the month, a lot of events are ending including Oneword where the current theme is Autumn, so make sure you check it out quick!



  • Tentacio-Choreographer-Briefcase RARE (gacha prize coming soonThe Arcade….tysm may!)



749finalhey! ((^~^)) this look was all inspired by some of +Half-Deer+‘s newest releases including The Sheltering Leaf and Dreamscape Mushrooms which both come in a variety of colors and options so def go check them out! oooo and the shroomies are on sale right now at The Chapter Four!





  • Often~The Weeknd