Events & Fairs Blogged

Project Limited

Cosmetic Fair Winter Edition 2014

The Garden

RMK Gothic Frost Fair 2013

F R O S T 2013

Stroker’s Sexpo

Winter Trend SL 2013


The Water Lantern Festival

Dreams Way Charity Event

The Thrift Shop 3.0

Rockabilly Fashion Fair

Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair

Whore Couture Fair 2

Pose Fair 2013

Hollywood: The Event

Kawaii Fair 2013

World Goth Fair

Avatars for Animals: Catnip Carnival

Funny Puppet Fair

Summer Fashion Festival

Thrift Shop

Hair Fair 2013

The Gallery Gift Shop’s 2nd Anniversary

Food Fair

Reef’s Colors Fair

Thrift Shop 2.0


30L RFL Fair

Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Candy Fair

Body Modification Expo

Cosmetic Fair Fall Edition


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