~digital spirit~

772finalheya! ((^~^)) exciting news…..Tableau Vivant is back! with brand new hair colors & every HUD containing 30 to choose from, you will want to try them! pssst! you can grab the new group gift hairstyle too in order to test them yourself before you buy! yays! today i am wearing one of the newest styles called Aida and it comes with this gorgeous headchain! if you don’t want the chain, then Sophia is the one for you because it is the same hair but without the accessory! i am so glad they have returned and *BONUS* new colors! *dances away*



  • Digital Spirit~Arkasia ft. Justin Lass



770finalkonnichiwaaaaa! ((^~^)) more sweet treats from Candy Fair 2014….this time featuring Violent Seduction! nahm nahms ❤





771finalheyoo! ((^~^)) lovely gorean outfit by Luas from The Fantasy Room! and of course this bomb hair from SOONSIKI called Day Dreams! LUFF ❤ also, discovered this magical sim, Sarawak….very much worth wandering in!



  • //elephante poses//-Never Say Never (includes 6 poses….free group gift…fee to join….tysm melissajeanne!)

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~Candy Fair 2014~

768finalhi! ((^~^)) Candy Fair is back this year with iconic creators like *Epic* & Blah. and i have the privilege of giving you a little taste!





773finalhiya! ((^~^)) i am so happy to announce a new sponsor .EMBW.! they have so many kawaii hairstyles and Omikron is one of them! among hair and other goodies, they also offer fun makeup like these underliners! and it’s been a whole month that the Fantasy Room took off, but they are back with a great lineup of designers and sales!



  • Vindicta~Beatarce