~The Sugar Garden’s Tsu Mesh Head Review~

737finalfinalhiya! ((^~^)) i am humbled to have the honor to be able to review The Sugar Garden‘s newest mesh head, Tsu! i didn’t edit any of the photos here….i wanted a raw, accurate portrayal plus it would have taken forever lololol! first of all, you will have to decide which skin tones you want, unless you want them all like me! there are 7 tones and don’t forget to grab a demo before you start so that you have a good idea of what you are getting!

so, what do you get when you make the decision of purchasing your new Tsu Mesh Head? well, you also get 4 skins so you won’t have to worry about matching your head to the rest of your body….it includes bust and no bust versions as well as both soft and toned body! you will also get an alpha that erases your standard head so you can add your mesh head.

after putting these on, it is a perfect time to read the enclosed instructions! to sum up the most important parts, it explains that you will need to first add the head and then add the HUD so they sync properly. if your eyes look wonky, the notecard also provides help with that in the form of exact numbers so you can achieve a flawless face by editing your shape accordingly. the notecard also mentions that since this is not fitted mesh, you may have slight problems adding a fitted mesh body because there might be empty space between your head and your body. i wondered about this so i tried on my WowMeh Silhouette mesh body and i noticed that everything fit perfectly together right off the bat which means that it is possible with little to no editing of your body shape! woohoo! anyways, make sure to read your instructions thoroughly! i also noticed that the eyes do not blink and i have seen that some people are slightly disappointed by this, but i do not mind it myself.

what is all included in the HUD? 14 expressions, 16 makeup options, and a place to tint your hairbase & eyebrows with 32 presets already there for you! i can see myself utilizing every single option to the max!

a problem that i have heard from a few people is that with mesh heads, they are worried that they will no longer stand out in the crowd when everyone has the same thing. i can understand this concern, but i think that with just a little creativity, you can absolutely make it your own! try adding some cute glasses or piercings….really, there are tons of accessories by fabulous designers that you can find to accessorize your face! also, you may not think it, but hair really has a huge impact! play around and have fun with it!

what do i personally think of this new head? ❤ I AM IN LOVE! ❤ i really hope The Sugar Garden continues to push the limits of avatar creation in this virtual world as they have been doing thus far, and i am so thankful that they have chosen to share their art with us to play with! overall it is an adorable, sweet face with a plethora of options and i am so excited to get started ❤

*Hair is called Barony by ~Tableau Vivant~ in the Summer color pack and is an exclusive at The Fantasy Collective….includes hat not shown