~between two points~

683finalheya! ((^~^)) i haven’t been wandering the grid as much as would like to lately but i noticed an ad for this place called Dryland and decided to check it out….it is very minimalist and set up nicely for photo ops so i added it to my list of Beautiful Sims! i was inspired so i wore this outfit by Torvis Weapons that is going to be on sale at the next round of The Fantasy Room which starts on June 5th! i was so happy that the dress fit the WowMeh Mesh Body after i turned on a few alphas! and i suppose we all are quite aware that The Arcade is open for the month on June as well….that is where i won this hairstyle from ~Tableau Vivant~…i am a sucker for long hair! and i just recently heard about a new recurring fashion event called Fit For a Princess and this month the theme is “Modern Princess” so //elephante poses// made a super cute set inspired by Disney Princesses called Once Upon A Dream ❤


pose & prop~

sim location~


    • Between Two Points (Jogger Remix)~The Glitch Mob


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