~not anymore~


Accute, it worries me
To speak normally
I feel it longingly
Through closed eyes I’ve come to see
We can do anything
It’s not the dark or the silence that brings her sorrow
It’s all the good that could have been done and she knows
She could have done so much more with communication
Could have just ripped instead it tore
Though there’s been so much sadness and frustration
She understands the humans and their condition
It’s like they’re living in horror of their own wisdom
If they’d just try there are enough lies
And when she thinks of the power that she possesses
And though her body’s a locker without a press
Think of all the beauty to be created
There is no need for a market free
She didn’t need ears to harken the music
Never resorted to tears to wake up and cope with it
And though it sounded odd she had her confidence
It’s just part of her life
She sat there calmly her book had no words
Stewing about this invisible world
She felt her fingers and breathed in the air
Consume and linger, exhale what she would have said
More than a teacher, more than company
A hero to her personally
She sees clearly without worrying
If we try we can do anything
You’ll be quite welcome
I’ll be quite welcome

greetings! ((^~^)) i really love Veela’s songs & lyrics! i wanted a pretty song to go with my pretty outfit that was inspired by a pose set by ** PoseWay ** called Knees….all the poses are kneeling down in different ways and i just really love them! it’s a great way to show off certain outfits from head to toe! my corset is new from Violent Seduction at The Dark Style Fair and i will be showing a better view of it soon! my hair is also a new release from *Milk* at their mainstore!





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