492p7heya ((^~^)) The Sugar Garden has come out with some new skins that are perfect for fantasy, roleplaying, or even Halloween! they are available for a fantastic price at this month’s The Boobies Show! today i was inspired by the NightElf version skin, so i went to Bare Rose and got me a set of wicked armor, which my RL husband helped me pick out! sorry no free things today, but i have included sales and gachas!

495p1 wearing~


  1. Le Poppycock-Bon Ton set-Avant-guard (includes 15 poses….tysm julliette & olivia!)
  2. ::AXIX::-aria-4 (includes 8 poses….tysm elise!)
  3. //elephante poses//-Give Me A Reason- (includes 6 poses….tysm melissajeanne!)
  4. ::AXIX::-lola-5 (includes 8 poses…tysm elise!)