heya! ((^~^)) a new sim hunt just started at KaTnipZ Wonderland and today i wanted to show you some goodies that are in store for you! it’s called the Alice in Boobieland Hunt and the theme is Alice in Wonderland, of course, and most prizes include appliers for mesh breasts! oh and even if you don’t happen to own any boobies, you can still wear the items! happy hunting!



  • -no wow--the ultimate frontpose (free)

4 thoughts on “~alice~

  1. How does one make a shape like yours? I’ve only been editing extra shapes . I’m just wondering because I’m trying to make lilly cole , Zooey deschanel and Allison harvard shapes.


    • hi ashley…oooo i LOVE Lily Cole too! i can see why you would want to recreate her face and shape. i apologize tho because i probably am not the best person to ask as i have never tried to recreate a RL person in SL. what i DO do is change my shape for every single look that i make….my face and body never stay exactly the same as i am always trying to make different avatars and of course fit into different mesh products. i am constantly changing and trying to improve and all i can do is offer you the same advice!


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