heya! ((^~^)) i am featuring 3 shopping events today! first, a new round of The Arcade has already started & +Half-Deer+ is yet again offering two amazing gachas…..one being a unicorn set that includes ears & a horn in a spectacular variety of colors that you can win! the ear color can be changed with a click. not shown today is the matching tails which happens to be the other gacha….definitely check them out! another event going on right now is the Funny Puppet Fair where you will find these cute & sexy mesh dresses from *Tentacio*! and finally, another fun find you can get exclusively at The Box from ::[annaA]:: ….a soft, pretty collection of pastel eyeshadows perfect for dressing up any skin!



  • Le Poppycock-Bon Ton Pose Set-Au naturel (tysm olivia & julliette!)


sim location~


  • Watercolour~Pendulum