hiya! ((^~^)) today i am wearing one of +Half-Deer+’s latest creations being featured at the World Goth Fair & i also wanted to let you know that the mainstore has moved so along with that there is a huge sale going on! stop by the new location & get 30% off everything (excluding current event items & gachas) until May 24th! yaaaay!!!

now for some less exciting news…..i know i have not been able to blog as much lately & i wrote a disclaimer stating this fact a few times a while back. well, i just wanted to reiterate this to my fans and sponsors and i understand if some sponsors feels they want to drop me. my RL job is hectic & hard work…i am gone 10 hours a day for 6 days a week…..but a promotion is in my future since i have been working so hard, which means more time off for fun things like blogging SL ((^~^)) i appreciate everyone’s patience so far and if you can just hold on for a lil longer, i will be back blogging more regularly. just let me kick some ass in RL so i can have fun in SL lololol!



  • Le Poppycock-Bon Ton Pose Set-Dernier cri (tysm olivia & julliette!)


  • Studio X~To Hell