hiiiiiiiiii! today my avatar was inspired by one of +Half-Deer+’s new hunt gifts…fun gamer wall decor! pssst…sorry it’s been a few days…still super busy in RL (moved but everything was broken like plumbing, heater, etc.) but i made some time to relax in the virtual world as soon as i got net back! ((^~^)) much <333 & hope to be back to normal soon!




2 thoughts on “~nostalgia~

  1. So awesome 😀 Thanks for sharing!
    Nintendo ftw! I still think of buying a Wii U. Any suggestions if i should? 😀

    I really hope that everything at your home will be okay soon!! I was wondering why my notecard wasn’t answered anymore o.o
    Hopefully everything will be good soon!

    Toshi~ ^-^


    • Thanks so much & thanks for your concern! I don’t have a Wii…only PS3! I love PS3 the best because it has a blu-ray player and a built-in internet browser ((^~^)) I haven’t played the Wii much so I am not the best person to ask i’m afraid! I answered your NC but haven’t been logged on in a few days yet because of being so busy, but if you sent another I will answer ASAP! ((^~^)) much ❤ & thanks again!


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