~austere faun~

    • Skin~::Modish::-50$Night-Sunkiss (discontinued)
    • Shape~my own
    • Eyes~*By Snow*-Satyr Eyes-Grey (L$15 instore)
    • Hair~Magika-Drastic-02 (L$250)
    • Shorts~Cult of Belgar-Frayed Hip Bones Shorts (L$115 on Marketplace)
    • Leggings~Q-cross printed tights (L$15 on Marketplace)
    • Horns~unborn creations-cannabis (L$10 on Marketplace)
    • Nails~[croire]-vixen nails-fire (old hunt gift)
    • Bracelet~Crickets-Leslie-C-Bracelet (free group gift from womenstuff)
    • Horns~unborn creations-cannabis (L$10 on Marketplace)

Inspired By~

  • Top~ iGlam & Fresh. -Like a Sir, knot jeans shirt (L$100 on Marketplace…thank you minako faith!)

another great mesh top from iGlam & Fresh. …so cute with the lil mustaches on the buttons!!! follow her blog!—->  http://iglamfresh.wordpress.com/ 

wore this to work last nite ((^~^))

  • Pose & Prop~Love Me Brutal-Emo Baby (L$1)

i haven’t made a post in a while because my graphics card is all screwy…when i layer say mesh hair over a mesh top, i get this weird invisible thing going on. long story short, it has to do with alpha textures in the hair (where the strands get small). i researched how to fix this for days, and found it only usually happens to people when they turn shadows on. well, in my case, it happened no matter what my graphics were set at and i even tried numerous combinations of hair brands and clothing brands. but i finally found a fix…..i just detach my hair, then re-attach and VOILA! it stops the invisible shite!!! if it suddenly comes back, i have to repeat, but it is working for now until i getted an updated OS & graphics card ….again! lololol ((^~^)) but at least i can work around it with this quick fix (& at least i now know i am not the only one having alpha texture problems) so now i am back! *whew*

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