~ignis fatuus~

“Gaa wiin daa-aangoshkigaazo ahaw enaabiyaan gaa-inaabid.”
(“You can not destroy one who has dreamed a dream like mine.”)
~a lovely saying in Ojibwemowin
  • Top~*Epic*-Mesh Bandana Tops-Essential Pack-Grunge White (L$90 at Perfect Wardrobe)
  • Hooves~iTalez-Laila Hoove-Soil (L$250)
  • Skin~::Modish::-Y-Duck Civil Tan (free from Lucky Boards)
  • Eyes~*By Snow*-Satyr Eyes-MESH Mottled (L$15 instore) AND Animated Mesh Contacts-Star Sparkle (free subscriber gift)
  • Hair~Magika-Capture-01 (L$250)
  • Shape~made by me
  • Bracelet~Sweet Lies Designs-Ibiza Bracelet (L$10)
  • Necklace~Voltai-Siba Green Necklace (L$5)
  • Necklace~{.essences.}-Alpaca Necklace Bittersweet Old Lace (L$175)
  • Antlers~Antler Deer Fuan horn collection-Antlers Dark Brown (L$55 on Marketplace by Alissa Firecaster)
Inspired By~
  • Skirt~.:mysterious:.-Mesh Mini Skirt-Forest Friends (L$75 on Marketplace)
omg i love this skirt so much i had to get it on the spot….i just love the graphic….it’s insane=perfect! ((^~^)) left this shot unedited

~pink sugar faun~

  • Skirt~.:cheeky:.-Jeans ruffles mini Skirt-Black Mesh (L$100 instore)
  • Socks/Hooves~*Epic*-Faun Storybook Garter Socks-Baby Pink (L$269)
  • Skin~::Modish::-WhyMe Tan Mystique (free from Lucky Boards)
  • Lipstick~PIDIDDLE-Hyper Lips-Wild She/Teeth (old freebie from Summer Beauty Festival)
  • Eyes~*By Snow*-Satyr Eyes-MESH Mottled (L$15 instore) AND Animated Mesh Contacts-Star Sparkle (free subscriber gift)
  • Hair~>TRUTH<-Marcia-light blondes-w/ Roots-Champagne (L$250)
  • Shape~made by me
  • Ring~…:::SCRUB:::….-DP Cameo Ring (free from Depraved Summer Love Hunt)
  • Horns~Sweet Nirvana-Curly Little Girly Horns-Pink (L$20…modded color)

Inspired By~

  • Top~  iGlam & Fresh. -MESH Doll Cropped Sweater (L$80 on Marketplace)


~stellar faun~

  • Top~I n d i e P i n k.-HappyMaus Tee (L$25 on Marketplace)
  • Ears/Horns/Hooves~.:FANTAZY:.-::FAUN:: (L$99 on Marketplace)
  • Skin~::Modish::-Valena Fair (free group gift for Violet Mafia)
  • Lipstick~::Modish::-SointoU Lipstick-Violet (free group gift for Violet Mafia)
  • Lipstick~.ID.-Lip Dots Pack-Purple (free subscriber gift)
  • Eyeshadow~..::Beauty Killer::..-Disco Shadows-Purple (free group gift for Violet Mafia)
  • Eyes~*By Snow*-Satyr Eyes-MESH Mottled (L$15 instore) AND Animated Mesh Contacts-Star Sparkle (free subscriber gift)
  • Hair~Magika-Push (L$250)
  • Shape~made by me
  • Tattoo~:Wicked Tattoos-Twisted Sleeves (free)
  • Tail~!K&L!-Nyxxie

Inspired By~

  • Skirt~So Many Styles-High Waist Skirt-Galaxy Purple (Fifty Linden Friday item)

spent more time editing these pics today than normal….just gotta keep practicing! it’s become a fun creative outlet for me ((^~^)) here, again, i am late with posting the FLF thingy i bought but ah well…no rules…wanted to practice some editing…mainly painting in my own shadows & tweaking other small things woooop! i don’t have or plan to get photoshop any time soon (cuz it’ll drive me insane lol…i’d never stop editing)…so just made due with some free editors

~professional deer girl~

  • Skirt~:FANATIK:-Pencil skirt leather rose gold (free VIP group gift)
  • Jacket~Bird Next Door-Mesh Boyfriend Blazer Polka (L$10 promo)
  • Top~BeLoTe-White Sheer Tank (free group gift)
  • Skin~::Modish::-WhyMe Tan Think Pink skin pack (L$99 in discount room)
  • Eyes~*By Snow*-Satyr Eyes-MESH Mottled (L$15 instore) AND Animated Mesh Contacts-Star Sparkle (free subscriber gift)
  • Hair~.:vive9:.-DreamCatcher-Blonde Tones-PlatinumBlonde w/ DeepRoots (on sale L$100)
  • Shape~made by me
  • Glasses~[ADN]-OMG-Glasses (free from Prizes for Picks)
  • Necklace~kitsch me-Vintage Owl Pendant Necklace (L$10)
  • Ring~…:::SCRUB:::….-DP Cameo Ring (free from Depraved Summer Love Hunt)
  • Bracelet~…:::SCRUB:::…-Paz (free subscriber gift)
  • Shoes~*.:: deer ::.*-Mesh high heels platform-Multi-Colors (free group gift)
  • Tattoo~Aztec-Horus (L$100 inworld)
  • Antlers~ Antlers~*RoTtEn DeFiAnCe*-Elite Mini Antlers-Black (free from Lucky Chairs)

had a request from my hubby to do a shoot lol…..sexy secretary/business girl & her boss ((^~^)) i immediately thought of Ivanka Trump’s style cuz she’s so prettyful & went from there. themes can be pressure for me sometimes, but this turned out fun & i likey lol, so i thought i’d throw together my stylecard & share here for the fun of it XD

 don’t forget to take advantage of the L$100 hair sale at Vive9!! this one was mesh and i had to actually grab 2 packs of colors cuz i was in ❤ ((^~^)) o yeah & i have a hair obsession


 checking me out lmaooooo



~thalassic faun~

  • Pants/Hooves~*Epic*-Faun/Demon Button Overalls-Dark Blue (on sale L$100 at Jersey Shore for Grenade Free Wednesday)
  • Top~Maai-“irene” (free instore)
  • Skin~::Modish::-LilMay Sunkiss (L$1 gift from June Festival)
  • Eyes~*By Snow*-Satyr Eyes-MESH Mottled (L$15 instore) AND Animated Mesh Contacts-Star Sparkle (free subscriber gift)
  • Hair~>TRUTH<-Tashia-w/ roots seaspray (L$250)
  • Shape~made by me
  • Holding~::C’est la vie!::-canvas bag-anchor-non rigged mesh (free group gift)
  • Nails~*pulcino*-Girly French Nail-No. 002-Yellow&Pink (L$1 gatcha prize)
  • Glasses~::NEEDFUL THINGS::-Nerdy Horn-Rims-golden (old WGH gift…regular colors L$180)
  • Necklace~Lindonairess-Nautical Necklace (L$10 on Marketplace)


isn’t this such a sweet skin? awww ❤ ((^~^)) i want to show where you can get it! there’s an event going on called the June Festival from June 16th-30th and there’s lots of stores set up and most everyone has a lil gifty for you set out in a cupcake! some are free & some are only a few L$ …you can wander the June Festival here! ——>   http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Utopia%20Portugal%20XXII/91/177/3701 
for more information, check out their blog! —->   http://junefestivalcensoredistrict.blogspot.com/
ooo i wanted to show the new animated mesh contacts from *By Snow*….got them the other day as a subscriber gift but didn’t have time to open right away….but last nite when i did, i was very pleased with how they turned out! it came with 2 versions & they are clear except for the animation which is the little stars flickering brighter and darker. the best part is you can wear them over any eyes you already have…so i put em over my mesh satyr contacts….so basically i am wearing 2 sets of mesh contacts on top of each other lol….but i think i am addicted & feel i’ll be wearing them every day now. definitely adds a bit of sparkle and draws attention to your eyes ((^~^))
(hint,hint: some designers don’t take down their sales item right away so you can still sometimes grab up the deals a day late at events like Grenade Free Wednesday, but wouldn’t count on it is all….much <3!!!!)

~austere faun~

    • Skin~::Modish::-50$Night-Sunkiss (discontinued)
    • Shape~my own
    • Eyes~*By Snow*-Satyr Eyes-Grey (L$15 instore)
    • Hair~Magika-Drastic-02 (L$250)
    • Shorts~Cult of Belgar-Frayed Hip Bones Shorts (L$115 on Marketplace)
    • Leggings~Q-cross printed tights (L$15 on Marketplace)
    • Horns~unborn creations-cannabis (L$10 on Marketplace)
    • Nails~[croire]-vixen nails-fire (old hunt gift)
    • Bracelet~Crickets-Leslie-C-Bracelet (free group gift from womenstuff)
    • Horns~unborn creations-cannabis (L$10 on Marketplace)

Inspired By~

  • Top~ iGlam & Fresh. -Like a Sir, knot jeans shirt (L$100 on Marketplace…thank you minako faith!)

another great mesh top from iGlam & Fresh. …so cute with the lil mustaches on the buttons!!! follow her blog!—->  http://iglamfresh.wordpress.com/ 

wore this to work last nite ((^~^))

  • Pose & Prop~Love Me Brutal-Emo Baby (L$1)

i haven’t made a post in a while because my graphics card is all screwy…when i layer say mesh hair over a mesh top, i get this weird invisible thing going on. long story short, it has to do with alpha textures in the hair (where the strands get small). i researched how to fix this for days, and found it only usually happens to people when they turn shadows on. well, in my case, it happened no matter what my graphics were set at and i even tried numerous combinations of hair brands and clothing brands. but i finally found a fix…..i just detach my hair, then re-attach and VOILA! it stops the invisible shite!!! if it suddenly comes back, i have to repeat, but it is working for now until i getted an updated OS & graphics card ….again! lololol ((^~^)) but at least i can work around it with this quick fix (& at least i now know i am not the only one having alpha texture problems) so now i am back! *whew*

~sybaritic deer girl~

  • Antlers~Antler Deer Fuan horn collection-Antlers Coal Black (L$55 on Marketplace by Alissa Firecaster)
  • Skin~::Modish::-ExKiddo Pale Plum (L$25 in discount room)
  • Hair~Magika-Push-01 (L$250)
  • Shape~made by me
  • Shoes~TEN”10-Megas boots-leopard gray (L$350)
  • Tattoo~Q-crosses tattoo (L$20 on Marketplace)
  • Eyes~*By Snow*-Satyr Eyes-MESH Mottled (L$15 instore)
  • Ring~PIDIDDLE-Gawdy Ring Set (old ZPH gift)
Inspired By~
  • Dress/Lingerie~One Bad Pixel-Babytux-Plum

yesyes my first lingerie post lol ((^~^)) woooop!

since it’s my first lingerie post, my hubby wanted to be a part of it lmaoooo 😉