~playstation faun~

  • Top~Orsini-one strap tank fatpack-khaki (L$1)
  • Skin~::Modish::-BreatheUP Flamingo Pale (Womenstuff Hunt gift)
  • Shape~my own
  • Eyes~*By Snow*-Satyr Eyes-Mottled (L$15 instore)
  • Hair~.ploom.-Haley-Dipped 1 (L$200)
  • Eyelashes~NeA’s-Sculpted Lashes (L$5)
  • Skirt~::[annaA]::-Mini [mesh] Skirt (L$99)
  • Legs~*Epic*-Striped Knit Digi Warmers-Black/Grey
  • Tattoo~[HCG]-Tattoo joystick playstation (L$15 on Marketplace)
  • Horns~Rammer Ram Horn Collection-Black (L$10 on Marketplace by Alissa Firecaster)
  • Glasses~Bird Next Door-!Nerdz Glasses! (L$15)
  • Tail~!K&L!-Nyxxie-Tail
  • Panties~:SEXY THINGS: (formerly :STICKY FINGERS:)-My naughty neon panties-black 1 (free group gift instore)

when i saw this tattoo, it was love at first sight lmao ((^~^)) a must-have for the avid PS3 gamer & a great price too!

one with graphics jacked lol ((^~^)) peace, homie! ((^~^))

so i have to say how much i love this mesh miniskirt! i scoured SL last night for a mesh mini with a good price, and this is what i came up with! it includes a color-changing HUD so you can change it to whatever color you want at any time ((^~^)) it did not include an alpha layer because one isn’t really needed with this item, but i used one from a demo of another skirt anyways ((^~^))