don’t you wan…

don’t you wanna join in on the fun? everyone’s talking about The Wandering Faun! seems i have amassed a lil club 😉

it’s all fun & games ((^~^))

read through the comments and laughed a bit….love the creepy candid stalker photos too.

i kinda thought this would happen…i’ve been playing video games for years, and only started SL a few months back & i have so much to learn & i enjoy learning. i’ve always been an artist and am just having fun discovering this new medium called SL photography ((^~^)) truth is, my photos are never the best and i always say that rofl….i think that there is always room to improve in whatever you are doing! and just going back a few pages on my blogs is proof enough…i think i have improved a bit since starting ((^~^)) i just love SL and playing around with my avatar and pics because no other game compares as far as avatar creation goes ((^~^))

i realize when i started blogging i wanted to be a perma-faun in sl….but then after a while due to a lack of items relating to fauns & satyrs available for purchase, and also after purchasing my lovely mesh Water Horse deer avatar, i decided to start adding antlers and other deer-related things to my blogs, along with focusing a lot on cheaper & free fashion that can be worn by all avatars—furries, hybrids, & humans alike ((^~^))

another large reason for adding more deer-related stuffs….ummm you would have to know me personally ((^~^)) i am a shy, quiet, peaceful person in RL & felt that the deer reflected this part of my personality. now for the faun stuff? well, fauns are known for being overly-sexual and this is reflected in most of the clothing that i wear which tends to be a little revealing in lots of cases. i guess there are numerous ways one could interpret what i am doing here….you just need an open mind. it is a beautiful thing ❤

if ya like it, ya do…if not, it’s not gonna hurt my feelings. maybe you like one photo out of 500! i don’t care because i had fun making em ((^~^)) it’s not real life, so it’s rather amusing when others poke on an avatar’s physical characteristics.

for a blog to stay the same and never change and never deliver anything unexpected?? what kinda boring world would that be? ((^~^)) SL & blogging are wonderful because they don’t have any goals or rules. just pure, raw creative energy…it’s exhilarating! i love creating and i love to just enjoy & be inspired by the work of others as well. i have no time for hate ((^~^))

so that’s it for now….faun or fawn, i love all animals. ❤

moral of this story: keep an open mind & keep laughing

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