~the princess faun~


  • Skin~::MODISH::-LiftMeUp PinkTan (Brutal Love Hunt gift)
  • Antlers~Rotten Defiance-Elite Mini Antlers-Black (old Lucky Chair gift)
  • Legs~*Epic*-Faun Storybook Garter Socks-Baby Pink
  • Shape~Faded Ink-Kylie (modified by me…L$5)
  • Eyes~*By Snow*-Satyr Eyes-Aqua (L$15 instore)
  • Face Piercings~Cute Poison-Sad Clown (L$1)
  • Body Piercings~Sweet Nirvana-Collarbone Piercing (in L$1 box of dollarbies instore)
  • Hair~>Truth<-Jersey (L$250)
  • Ears~[ni.ju]-Overkill-Plain Esuga Bombshell (free)
  • Dress~::C&F::-Princess Tee Shirt + Dress-Dress (L$40)
  • Nails~*pulcino*-Gateau Opera-Blue (free)
  • Eyelashes~NeA’s-Sculpted Lashes (L$5)


just an early-morning post of what i’ve been wearing around sl ((^~^))


well it’s been a few days…been super super busy! there is not enough time in a day… i wish i never had to sleep—>then i wouldn’t feel like i’m missing out on something :/


i finally had time to work on modifying myself a new shape! i went off of what i normally wear and tweaked mainly the face to make it look more deer-like ((^~^)) i am happy how it turned out and want to do a few more. if you added up all the hours i’ve spent in various game menus modifying avatars, your brain would probly melt lol. that’s why i’ve been sticking to mainly one for SL lately….but decided i wanted some change for inspiration! 😉


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