~naturally faun~


  • Legs~R.U.M.-Ryo Fae Faun Pony/Equine
  • Skin~Noah-Adri Urban Skin
  • Shape~my own modified/tweaked version of Faded Ink-Kylie
  • Eyes~By Snow-Alienite Eyes (free instore)
  • Shirt~Nermber Store-Wild Serenity-Green Lace Top (free from Save the World Hunt)
  • Ring~Sweet Leo/Needful Things-The Last Butterfly’s-Ring (free from VIP group)
  • Antlers~TBF Antlers-Oak Tree (L$10 can be found on marketplace and inworld at WarBug Headquarters)
  • Pants~Hottie Girl Shorts-Green (L$1 on marketplace)
  • Tail~Dodie-Oh Deer!
  • Body Tattoo~Rebelstar-Dark Angel Tattoo (free)
  • Face Tattoo~Riddlebox-Autumn (free)
  • Ears~ni.ju-Overkill-Plain-Esuga Bombshell (free instore)
  • Weapon~Noah-Left Handed Recurve Bow-Sheathed (comes with Adri Faun avatar)





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